April 1, 2015


Comics have been a passion of mine for over two decades. I’ve written for some of the biggest characters in the world, and I’ve worked with legends of the industry. Check out some of the comics I’ve written. I’d like to work on them full-time one day. 



No Holds Bard – With artists Erica Henderson, Logan Faerber, James Callahan, Cara McGee, Aaron Conley, Dave Kloc, Sina Grace and more! Click for a preview


Strike 3 – With artist Mark dos Santos. Click for a preview

Deadly Game – With artist Luigi Criscuolo. Part of the 2016 Alterna IF Anthology. Click to read

It’s All in a Smile – With artist Derek Chua. Part of the 2017 Ever Afterward Anthology. Click to read

Muscle Mime – With artist Anna Wieszczyk. Click to read.

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