Hi. I’m Eric Gladstone, and this is my website. If you’re here, maybe you want to employ me, and I can say definitively, I’m the best person for the job.

I used to work for Stan Lee, but since he passed away, I’ve been working in TV production, narrative design, creative advertising, esports, and most recently, I’ve been working as an EMT (long story).

I may come off like a serious fellow, but I like to make fun stuff for weird nerds like me. I’m very proud of my graphic novel, No Holds Bard, out now from Behemoth Comics and distributed by Simon & Schuster and Diamond.

I like writing comics a lot. I’ve done some fun projects, like Soundtrack of Terror. You can read those here:

I used to work directly under comic book legend Stan Lee at POW! Entertainment, where he was a creative editor and content creator responsible for diverse tasks, such as managing photography, video editing, account management, file systems management, content development, and personally assisting Stan in day-to-day tasks. A bunch of the photos I took can be seen in Taschen’s The Stan Lee Story, completed shortly before Stan’s death.

I’m working on a video game I can’t really talk about at the moment, but maybe I’ll update this site later when I’m allowed to.

I was the senior voice-over dialogue writer for Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes franchise. I wrote over 25,000 lines for members of The X-Men, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers while working closely with narrative designers. 

I occasionally work as a freelance production manager, like when I worked at AOK Digital, making subversive adult animation for FOX’s online platforms. 

So what do I want to do now? Interesting question! I’d love to write more comics professionally, work in video games, write interesting genre TV, maybe eventually parlay some of that experience into development. I’m good at it. Maybe that’ll happen before AI takes over all of our jobs.

Hit me up if you feel like it: eric (at) ericgladstone (dot) com

If you’re a potential employer, I’d be happy to send you a link to a Dropbox with my whole portfolio. Cool?

I love you.